Luscious Lemonade

The Luscious Lemonade Digital Scrapbook Kit is now available in my Etsy Store and Clikchic Designs Store. The Luscious Lemonade Digital Scrapbook Kit features fresh and bubbly colors of lemonade, lime and spring flowers. Refreshing swirly colors of spring with beautiful swirls and flourishes perfect for creating beautiful blended or graphic style layouts.

Luscious Lemonade Digital Scrapbook Kit

Luscious Lemonade Digital Scrapbook Kit

Check out these layouts created with Luscious Lemonade.

Tea Party

Coordinating with the Luscious Lemonade Digital Scrapbook Kit is also the Luscious Lemonade Glitter Splatters which I used in the layout above.

Luscious Lemonade Glitter Splatters

Feature Friday – Feb 24

Time for another Feature Friday! Every so often I will feature a Digital Scrapbook Kit on my blog and feature some layouts created with the Digital Scrapbook Kit as well as some products that co-ordinate well with the Featured Digital Scrapbook Kit. I am hoping featuring some kits with some layouts will help inspire you to use the kit some more if you have it already, or maybe even buy it if you don’t already have it. ::innocent smile::

Today I am going to feature one of my all time favourites as a collection I keep coming back to over and over again, Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit which is available in my Etsy store and Clikchic Designs store

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit

Here are a few of my own layouts with the Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit.

This is my most recent layout with Floral Fancy. My Daughter in her costume for her end of year dance concert. She played a ‘pansy’ for her part in The Great Fairy Robbery. It is her third concert but the first one where she was finally able to wear a tutu!

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit

Our darling daughter playing at a park. I did this layout for a speed scrap inspiration.

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit

Our precious niece on her 4th birthday.

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit

Created with my Grunge Wildflower Layered Quick Click Template and my Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit.

Cousins enjoying each others company at my Brothers Wedding. The addition of our new niece has worked wonderfully and they all get along beautifully together! 6 May 2011

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit

Our gorgeous girl!! Created with my Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit and Floral Art Clipping Masks

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit

Our darling girl performing for the camera when she was 3 years old. She still loves the camera and I think it shows!

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit

A two page layout of Jasmine doing ballet.

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit by Clikchic Designs

Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit

Journaling: Jasmine, Today I was able to watch you at your ballet lesson because it was parents day. I love watching you do your ballet as you just seem to have a natural ability and grace to do it. YOu have the perfect build for it as well and I can imagine you doing well at it for many years to come. Of course being the proud Mum that I am , I managed to take over 400 photos In just an hour so I had better get scrapping!
1 had always wanted to do ballet when I was young, so I guess in a way I am also living vicariously through you. Jasmine, I am so proud of you and know I will be there to support you as long as you want to keep dancing! April 2011

Wavy Art Borders

These large versatile altered art borders (12″ wide) are a fabulous and easy way to give your layout and photo borders a stylish altered shabby look. You can recolor them to suit your layout or leave them as is. The wavy art page borders are a quick and easy way to add some art to your creations and are ideal for a wide variety of layouts. Wavy Art Borders are now in my Etsy Store and Clikchic Designs store

Wavy Art Digital Scrapbook Borders

Wavy Art Digital Scrapbook Borders

Zipping And Unzipping Zip Files

One of the most fundamental aspects of digital scrapbooking is being able to unzip the files you download. Read on to find out how to zip and unzip zip files.

Creating and Extracting Zip Files In digital scrapbooking there are many occasions where you might have to deal with creating and extracting (opening) zip files. Most digital scrapbook kits you download, whether you buy them or whether they are freebies come in zipped files. Zip files are normally a way of compressing files to keep down the size of them as well as keeping them together in a single file rather than several separate ones.

With graphic or image files, zips do not normally reduce the file size much, if at all, however they are a very good way of keeping a collection of files together to enable easier downloading and uploading on the web. Windows provides it’s own zipping facilities, but if you do not have Windows there are several zipping programs out there which you may be able to use instead. For the purpose of this tutorial, since most people tend to use Windows we will explain how to zip and extract files with Windows Explorer. Extracting Zip Files Firstly open Windows Explorer Start> All Programs> Windows Explorer Locate the zip file you wish to extract the files from and right click on the file. From the menu that is displayed, choose Extract All.

NOTE: Double clicking on a zip file will show you what is inside the zip file but will not extract it’s contents.

The Windows extraction wizard will open. Click on Next to continue and you will come to the window below.

 Here you can select a destination for the files to be extracted to. You can click browse to find a folder on your hard drive, or type the path of where you want the files to be extracted to. The default is a folder named the same as your zip file, usually in the folder the zip is contained in. If you are happy to have your files extracted to the default directory and folder, click on next to continue.

You zip file will begin to extract and display a progress bar as below.

This completes the extraction of your files, check the box next to ‘Show extracted files’ if you wish to have a window open showing the extracted files.

If you selected the ‘Show Extracted Files’ checkbox. A window explorer window will open at the location of your extracted files.

Creating a Zipped File

Firstly open Windows Explorer Start> All Programs> Windows Explorer Add all the files you wish to zip into a folder. Select the items that you wish to add to a zip by ctrl clicking to select each file individually or click on the top of a list of files, hold down the shift key and click on the bottom file in a list of files.

Once your files are selected, right click on one of the files and choose, Send To> Compressed (Zipped) Folder

Your zipped file will appear among the files you zipped. Your zipped files are now ready to upload to the web, send to someone else or do what you will with!

This article is © Robyn Gough 2007 All Rights Reserved Not to be reproduced without express written permission

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