I have been meaning to post about this all week. I was a bit excited to finally receive my copies of the Photoshop CC Book and Photoshop Creative Magazine (issue 111) by Imagine Publishing as they both contain a set of Splatter Splotch Photoshop brushes I have created as a freebie. I was contacted via my store on the Creative Market to see if I would consider contributing a set of my brushes to the Photoshop CC Book. Of course I said yes as it is something I am always ready to be a part of. Then a few weeks later I was also asked to contribute my brushes to  Photoshop Creative Magazine. Being UK publications I have never seen either of them before but I can say they are a high quality and informative set of publications. There are TONS of fabulous Photoshop tutorials and techniques.  You can subscribe digitally or via snail mail. Simply check out the Imagine Publishing Web Store if you want to find out more.

The image below shows they layout of the very convenient disk with all the included goodies in the Photoshop CC Book.

Photoshop CC Book Freebie Publication by Clikchic Designs

Below is a screenshot direct from the disk, very easy to use! You get a better look at the brushes you get and there are quick access links to my website, Etsy store and social media.

Photoshop CC Book Freebie Publication by Clikchic Designs

The page below shows what is included on the disk in Issue 111 of Photoshop Creative.

Photoshop Creative Magazie Freebie Publication by Clikchic Designs

Here is a screenshot of the disc. Another really easy to use disk with very cool goodies included!

Photoshop Creative Magazie Freebie Publication by Clikchic Designs

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the quality of both publications is excellent and I am not just saying it because they have featured my Photoshop Brushes. I think I am going to subscribe to Photoshop Creative and I am going to check out more of the books available from Imagine Publishing.

If you are not interested in buying the magazine or book, you can obtain these splatter brushes directly from my Creative Market store by clicking here.

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