Importing Presets into Lightroom

I have done a quick video tutorial on how to install presets into Lightroom! Enjoy and excuse the ums and ahhs!!  I will do another one soon on how to install presets into Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).


These are the Lightroom Presets I have currently available in my Etsy store.

Lightroom Presets - 5 Sweet Sepia Photography Presets for Lightroom Lightroom Presets - 5 Drama Photography Presets for Lightroom Lightroom Presets - 5 Berry Tone Photography Presets for Lightroom

I also have a video tutorial on Installing Presets into Adobe Camera RAW.


Bokeh Brushes

Love Bokeh and have none in your photo? You can fake it with these fabulous Bokeh Photoshop brushes created from genuine Bokeh in photos. These aren’t fake circles like so many you see out there. These have the actual ‘not quite a circle’ shape formed by the shape of the shutter that genuine Bokeh highlights have. These fabulous high resolution Bokeh Brushes are perfect for that finishing touch on your fine art photos, regular photos and some fun effects to your art journal pages. These brushes are great for giving your photos a fantastic moody effect. The Bokeh Photoshop Brushes are available in my Etsy Store, Clikchic Designs store & Creative Market store.
Bokeh Photography Photoshop Brushes
Use a light color with lowered opacity of around 45% and linear light blend mode to produce a genuine effect. The Photoshop brushes make it easy to adjust the size. Too sharp? Simply run a gaussian blur filter over the bokeh layer. Each image is included in (.abr) Photoshop brush and (.png) image format.

Berry Tone Lightroom Presets

I have a brand new set of Lightroom Presets now available in my Etsy Store especially for you!


These Berry Tone Lightroom Presets are so quick and easy for giving your photos a boost. Lightroom is a fantastic RAW Photo editing program and these presets have been tested are suited to Lightroom 2-4.
Why shoot in RAW? RAW format is the original data format by your camera. It retains a lot more data within the photo as it is not compressed like a .jpg which reduces the amount of detail. Shooting in RAW gives you much more flexibility when it comes to editing and is much more forgiving than .jpg format.
Instructions for using these Lightroom Presets are included in your file.
Have a commercial project that this product would be great for?  See Commercial License Pricing by the Add to Cart button!
  • Elderberry Preset
  • Gooseberry Preset
  • Huckleberry Preset
  • Mulberry Preset
  • Raspberry Preset



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