I did this layout last night of our Daughter at Ballet lessons.

Created with my Floral Fancy Digital Scrapbook Kit available in my Etsy Store!

Journalling: Jasmine, Today I was able to watch you at your ballet lesson because it was parents day. I love watching you do your ballet as you just seem to have a natural ability and grace to do it. You have the perfect build for it as well and I can imagine you doing well at it for many years to come.

Of course being the proud Mum that I am , I managed to take over 400 photos In just an hour so I had better get scrapping! I had always wanted to do ballet when I was young, so I guess in a way I am also living vicariously through you. Jasmine, I am so proud of you and know I will be there to support you as long as you want to keep dancing!
April 2011

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