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Many of you will be aware of the recent updates in the Sihouette Design Store. Unfortunately it did not go as planned and there have been some issues. Rest assured that the tech team at Silhouette is working hard to resolve the issues and while there is still work to be done, you can safely purchase from the Silhouette Design Store.

There have been some issues with Library Syncing between the Silhouette Studio Software and the Silhouette website but the team at Silhouette are working hard to resolve this issue. In the meantime if you need files purchased through Silhouette urgently you can download them directly from the Silhouette Design Store website to access your files. Silhouette Secrets has done a wonderfully informative video to aid users who need help with this. I would recomend watching it if you are unsure how to go about downloading files directly from the Silhouette Design Store.

Silhouette Store Contributing Artists have been all affected by the downtime caused by the website upgrade issues and I would recommend you visit the store and follow your favourite artists so that you can find your favourite designers more readily.

Unfortunately my Clikchic Designs store front has dropped off the list of contributing artists and as a result it is more difficult to find. To my lovely customers I must ask you to kindly take the time to visit my store link, and click on follow next to my logo so that my store appears in the list of contributing artists when you are logged in to the store and as a result you will more easily find my new designs! I am confident when the most urgent updates are complete my store will be re-added to the list, but if you click follow, in the interim you will more easily be able to find my store, and it will be conveniently there for you to easily find at any point going forward. Below are some screenshots on how to follow my store from the store front, or one of my products.

Craft a Happy Father’s Day Card for your Dad!

Father’s day is just around the corner in many countries around the world and while here in Australia we celebrate Father’s Day in September that doesn’t mean I have forgotten all the wonderful Dad’s out there in other parts of the world. I have designed a stylish Fathers Day Card SVG Cutting File for those of you who wish to create something special for the special Dad’s in your lives. This SVG card cutting file is perfect as is with some colourful cardstock and included file to create a coordinated insert but is also wonderful as a base to add your own embellishments.

You can pick up this wonderful card in my Silhouette Design Store, Design Bundles Store, Creative Market Store and on Etsy! Please see the images at the end of this post for full size previews. Unfortunately one of the bugs has meant the full size previews in the Silhouette Design Store are not yet available.

Many Silhouette crafters will be aware of some of the issues being experienced due to some major website updates not going as planned but the store is working albeit with the odd bug. Silhouette Studio syncing is not advised until the issues with the website communicating with the Silhouette software is resolved but any purchases made can be downloaded from the store directly until these issues are resolved. It is expected that these issues will be resoved soon at which point you should once again be able to sync your Silhouette library and have easy access to your files through the Silhouette Studio Software. If you are unsure of how to download your products direct from the store website rather than through the software I would recommend this video by Silhouette Secrets to aid you in this.

I have had a few customers mention they had trouble logging into the updated website. I also had similar issues but was able to resolve them from Chrome by clearing my cookies and cache. I have also had success accessing the store using both Edge and Opera Web Browser. Anyone I have spoken to who has had issues has been able to resolve them using these methods.

Now on to the previews of a wonderful SVG Cutting File Fathers Day Card for your special Dad!

Don’t forget to check them out on:

Resize DXF files in Silhouette Studio

For those of you using the Basic Edition of Silhouette Studio you may have come across the issue that DXF files do not open at intended size. For those of you who have purchased my Envelopes and Card cutting files this may be a issue that needs resolving. Following I have included a list of the file sizes for my Envelope and Square Cards as well as a tutorial for resizing DXF files in Silhouette Studio and then how to save as a .studio file for future use.

DXF files unfortunately do not retain file size information and as a result when opening them in Silhouette Studio they may not open as the intended size. When sizing information needed to be specific this can be problematic. In the case of the envelopes I sell on Etsy, Design Bundles and Creative Market, I have available on Etsy, this creates a problem for the people who use DXF files. This problem can be overcome by upgrading to the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio. The Silhouette Studio Comparison Chart is available here. Often online stores will offer discounted versions of the software, so it is worth doing a quick search for the software upgrades to be sure you have the best price.

Following are the sizes the envelopes I have available for easy reference. From there I have a quick tutorial on how to resize your files if you do not wish to upgrade.

Square Envelopes

5 Inch Envelope – 8.721 Inches
5.5 Inch Envelope – 9.529 Inches
5.25 Inch Envelope – 9.128 Inches
5.75 Inch Envelope – 9.976 Inches
6 Inch Envelope – 10.406 Inches
6.25 Inch Envelope – 10.793 Inches
6.5 Inch Envelope – 11.190 Inches

Other Envelopes

Slimline Size 10 Envelope – 11.535 x 8.930 Inches
DL Envelope – 10.5 x 9.359 Inches
5 x 7 Envelope – 8.780 x 11.365 Inches
C6 Envelope – 7.764 x 9.709 Inches
A6 Envelope – 7.896 x 10.326 Inches

The finished size of my square cards should be 5×10″

Resizing your file

Click and Drag To resize your file, it is a good idea to first make sure all the paths (lines) are grouped together so they move together. You can hold down the shift key and click on each one to select them, or more simply you can click and drag the cursor from the top left of the image to the bottom right and then release. Once you have done this right click on one of the paths of the selected image where a menu will appear. Select group from the menu to group the selected paths.

Once your image is grouped you can resize as needed and all the paths will resize together. Resizing can be done by eye but to resize to precise measurements you can adjust the sizing manually by using the measurements in the toolbar.

In the screenshot above you can see there are W & H measurements. You can adjust these by clicking in each measurement box and entering the size you require while the image is selected. By default, the sizes are in inches in Silhouette Studio. Use the measurements at the start of this tutorial to resize your envelope to the desired size. In this case you will likely require the aspect ratio to be locked but if you wish to resize your image without retaining the aspect ratio you can do so by clicking on the lock next to the measurements to unlock the aspect ratio. This allows you to adjust the sizing which will change the proportion of the width to the height.

Save Your File

Once you have resized your file to the preferred size you can save your file by going to the file menu and selecting Save As where you can choose to save to your Hard Drive or to your Library. The file formats you have available to you will depend on what version of Silhouette Studio you use however all versions allow you to save as a .Studio or .Studio3 file and that file format will allow you to retain the size changes you made to your file so that you can open the correct size in future without having to adjust the size first.

I hope this tutorial helps for future resizing needs!

© Clikchic Designs 2024

Assembly of Time To Level Up Card

Video tutorial below, written tutorial to follow soon.

Cardstock pieces must be cut in preferred colours on a cutting machine such as a Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Portrait or other brand cutting machine before continuing.

How to Assemble the Golf Ball Happy Birthday Card

Below is a simple YouTube Video on the process of assembling the card. Scroll down further to view the written tutorial.

A basic assembly tutorial will be included with the files as all my cards to date have both the outer card and an insert and assemble the same way.

With his card I wanted to include the option of having different colours for the golf ball, tee and sentiments.

The included file for background pieces is optional to use to add extra colour to your card. If you wish to make a card more quickly you might choose to just use a patterned or brightly coloured paper insert. Making different colours when you have the time however gives the card a bit of pop, so I have included the cutting files to do so. The insert pieces should be cut in the colours required. In my case I kept the word Birthday the colour of the insert I used so did not use the optional piece for the word Birthday. I chose to use red carstock to make a colourful insert as well as make the word birthday the colour red.

I then cut the tee insert in purple and the golf ball insert in white. Once all the pieces were cut I placed the golf ball and tee pieces in place on the left inside of the card and traced around the edges of each piece so that when it comes time to glueing it is easy to know exactly were to place the pieces.

Once you have marked the pieces spray the left side of the card with adhesive or use other adhesive of choice. I used a glue stick for a while till I got the spray adhesive, but I find the spray adhesive gives better hold on the delicate pieces. I usually cover the other side of the card with scrap paper before spraying to ensure the other side does not get sprayed.

Attach the golf ball, tee and Birthday piece (optional) in the correct positions. Then once pieces are attached add more adhesive on back of each piece.

Attach the insert to the adhesive side of the card to complete your card. Additional instructions on card assembly are included in the other tutorial.

Once insert is adhered to the inside left of the card you can then adhere the Happy portion of the Birthday sentiment to the front of the card. I chose to use adhesive foam pieces to give a 3D effect.

Obviously, you can choose any colour cardstock you wish to suit your recipient.

I also have envelopes available which allow you to cut envelopes with custom cardstock to suit a large range of sizes.

Envelopes are available in my Silhouette Store, my Etsy store, Creative Market store, Design Bundles Store and So Fontsy Store.

Good luck with your card making! I hope you enjoy my designs.

© Clikchic Designs 2022

Check out my 2021 Black Friday Sales!

I have some fabulous Black Friday Sales starting or already started in my stores including the Silhouette Design Store, Design Bundles, Creative Market and Etsy. Keep reading to find out the juicy details.

In the Silhouette Design Store there are discounts for a massive 40-75% off! You really don’t want to miss this sale with such massive discounts! Remember The Silhouette Design Store does sell SVG files so you don’t have to have a Silhouette machine to use the files. Just make sure you check the SVG checkbox when adding items to your cart. The Silhouette Design Store sale ends on November 28th and the Cyber Week Sale finishes December 6th.

On Design Bundles has the yearly $1 deal event so six of my products will be $1 but you have to get in quick so you don’t miss out as there are limited numbers. The Design Bundles $1 event runs from the 26th November to 2nd December. Below are my $1 deal products. Click on the preview below to go directly to my store. If they are not at the top of the store the sale hasn’t started yet or they are sold out. The rest of my products will be 50% off from the 25th November to 3rd December on Design Bundles.

On Etsy there is currently 40% off on all my products finishing on December 1st. Check out my Etsy Sales Here.

On Creative Market several of my products are up to 50% off and on sale right now until 11.59pm December 1st. See below my products on sale on Creative Market.

Make a Halloween Treat Bag

My series of Halloween Treat Bags (instructions also work for Easter Treat Bag) are super cute for Halloween parties or for handing out to Trick or Treaters and are available in Silhouette Design Store. This adorable treat bag fits on A4 or 8.5×11″ cardstock. The pieces for the bag itself and the decorations for the front whether they be the Ghost, the Bat or the Pumpkin are all contained in the file and should be cut in the colours of your choice.

Grab the cutting files for the Treat Bags Below:

Note: follow along with this tutorial for the Easter Treat Bag. Simply rather than assembling the decoration cut and glue acetate rectangle to the inside of the egg shaped window.

Below is an assembly tutorial video or scroll below the video to view the text instructions.

The decorations for the front feature 2-3 pieces depending on which bag you have. First assemble the decorations by adhering the backs to the front piece. In the case of the pumpkin there is also the stalk which gets adhered flush with the bottom part of the pumpkin directly on the treat bag.

Once your decoration is assembled, it is time to fold and adhere your treat bag. Start by folding the score lines which for the outside corners of the bag. You can also fold the score lines which allow you to fold the sides of the bag inwards. It folds more easily if you fold the same way as the other lines first and then fold in the opposite direction. I chose to not fold the diagonal lines but you may choose to fold those to make design more crisp. Once you have folded all score lines it is time to adhere the bag. I have found it easiest to place adhesive on the smaller bottom pieces and the side tab first.

Start by folding the first smaller bottom tab flush with the next larger bottom tab to make a crisp square corner. Repeat with the second smaller bottom tab to the same larger bottom tab. Next adhere the tab on the smaller side of the bag to the inside of the larger side of the bag keeping the edges flush with each other. Next fold the final larger tab onto the bottom to close the bag by pushing the adhesive of the tab to the bottom of the bag. If needed push down on the bottom with your hand inside the bag or other implement.

Now that the bag is fully assembled adhere the front decoration. I used foam squares to give a 3D look. With the pumpkin stalk I used adhesive to adhere it flush with the top of the pumpkin. Instead of using foam squares I used regular adhesive to allow the pumpkin to stand out a little further from the face of the bag than the stalk.

Use Ombre Watercolor For Your Creative Projects

It has been a while since I have designed backgrounds and since watercolor remains quite popular thought it was time I did some more watercolor backgrounds! So that brings me to my latest set of watercolor backgrounds, Ombre Watercolor. They are available as sets in my Design Bundles, Creative Market and Etsy Stores and individually as background patterns in my Silhouette Store. Make sure you check out my other watercolor designs while you are there! Links are as follows.

Assembly of Gift Card Box with Ribbon

This super cute Gift Card Box is easy to assemble and perfect for giving gift cards to loved ones in style. The cutting file is now available in the Silhouette Design Store here. Use cardstocks to suit the occasion! The Gift Card Box has been designed with Heavy Cardstocks in mind. It is possible to use lighter cardstocks but the fit may be slightly looser. I have made the Gift Card Box with copy paper and while a little loose still looks great. For best results use medium to heavy cardstocks. The cardstocks used in the following photos and video are heavy cardstocks. The Gift Card Box fits on 8.5×11″, A4 or 12×12″ paper and can be cut on both Silhouette Portrait or Silhouette Cameo Machines. The gift card holder fits the standard gift card size which is the size of a standard credit card or ATM card. The Gift Card Box Cutting File finishes at approx 108x76x46mm including the ribbon.

Scroll to end of tutorial to watch video of assembly or continue reading written instructions below.

First cut all the pieces in cardstock colours of your choice. The pieces for the bottom and bottom gift card insert are shown as the same colour (teal) in the cutting file. The top is shown in purple. The ribbon parts are shown in teal. Start by assembling the bottom pieces. Fold each of the scored sides and side tabs. Place adhesive on each tab on the side of the cardstock that will face the outside of the box. Once adhesive is applied, attach each tab to the corresponding side of the box ensuring the right angles are flush. Repeat for each tab.

Repeat for the other bottom piece and the top. Insert the gift card holder into the bottom box piece. It may be easier to first insert the gift card before inserting the card holder into the bottom box piece. The gift card mockup I use in the video below was slightly bigger than standard so it was a little trickier to insert than a regular gift card.

Attach the two ribbon crosses together so that they sit flush in the center. The smaller ribbon cross should be on top with ribbon ends of the smaller ribbon cross visible.

There are two shapely bow pieces and a small piece to fold over the top bow. With each shapely bow piece attach one end of the piece to the center of the underside using craft glue taking care to place the end just before the curve starts on the other side. Repeat with the other side attaching the end to the piece already stuck down placing the end before the curve starts on the other side. Ensure pieces are firmly adhered. Place a dab of craft glue in the middle of the crossed bows and adhere the center of the bow to the center of the cross ensuring the bow is placed with the straight section of bow in the center.

Assemble the second bow piece in the same way. Once complete attach the small bow piece to the center of top bow with craft glue and also glue the sides to the underside of the bow. Once firmly attached, place a dab of craft glue on top of the bow attached to the crossed ribbons and adhere the second bow so that it faces the direction of the opposite length of the crossed ribbons. Once firmly attached, fold the sides along the score lines for each side of the cross ribbon. Place adhesive on the underside of the crossed ribbon and on the ends of each piece. While taking care to place in the center of the lid piece, and ensuring each side sits flush with the box corners adhere the ribbon to the top and sides of the box top.

You can now place the box top on the box bottom! See the video below of assembly. Note that the video is done with different coloured cardstocks.

This Floral Wreath Happy Birthday Card Cutting File Is Sure to Please

This gorgeous Floral Wreath Happy Birthday Card is now one of my favourites. The circle of flowers and leaves on a vine are so pretty and I know I will use this SVG Cutting file over and over again for Birthdays as I am sure it will please. I think it will look fabulous with a subtle patterned insert as well. I find high contrast always looks best on photos but in person monochrome and patterns look great as well.

The Floral Wreath Happy Birthday Card is available in my stores below.

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