Thankfully Yours

The Thankfully Yours digital scrapbook kit is a beautiful collection of papers and elements which feature fresh and warm tones to show your thanks, celebrate fall or just digital scrapbook an everyday event in whimsical style. This beautiful kit is extremely versatile and enables you to get multiple different looks with the same kit. Thankfully Yours is available in my Etsy store & my Clikchic Designs store. Don’t miss the sample layouts below the kit previews.

Thankfully Yours Digital Scrapbook Kit

Thankfully Yours Digital Scrapbook Kit




Trick or Treat Down DSP Lane if you dare…

BEWARE – only enter DSP Lane if you dare!  {Cue spooky music} Team Digital is on the prowl, but you might just get some treats if you're brave enough to knock! 

Has it been a while since you've gone Trick or Treating? It's easy! 

·Just visit DSP Lane in the gallery
·Knock on each door. 
·Then answer the questions. 

If you're wrong, WATCH OUT!  But if you are right, you will get a treat! 

For those brave (and lucky) enough to get a treat at each house, you will have all the pieces of a surprise. If we tell you, it wouldn't be spooky though! 
Get to DSP LANE immediately and GOOD LUCK OUT THERE! 

Two Little Guinea Pigs

I thought I would do a couple of layouts of our two little Guinea Pigs. They are pretty cute and funny little things! They have both now started giving me kisses when I hold them, it is rather cute! Of course they are meant to be Jasmine’s Guinea Pigs, but of course I am the one doing the majority of the feeding and cuddling. I draw the line at cleaning the cage, that is Jasmine’s job! It seems no-one else in this house is capable of getting more than a few blades of grass for them to eat. They eat a LOT of grass and a tiny handful just doesn’t cut it. Working on that one!

My favourite thing is when they Pop. Popping is when they jump around the cage when they are happy. The first time I saw Coco do it I thought she was having some kind of seizure! LOL They most often pop when they get fresh grass or after they have had cuddles with us.

Both layouts are created with my Doodle Spritz Digital Scrapbook Kit (Etsy), also available in my Clikchic Designs Store.

Here is our eldest Coco, at approx 4.5months.

Little Pepper is around 4mths and pregnant! We got her from Jasmine’s school friend who has guinea pigs. They didn’t know you need to separate males at 21 days and girls can get pregnant from 4-5wks. Well our little Pepper came to us pregnant by either her Daddy or Brother. Oh dear! It is not unusual for boys to impregnate their mothers due to owners not realising how soon they can procreate.

She is due any day now, and I can only hope that all her babies are born healthy and she has a smooth delivery. Her current nickname is Fatty Boom Baa, because her poor little belly is just sooo big! I think there might be two or three in there.

I just have to include this comparison shot of her belly. Poor little thing. Not fair for a baby to be having babies!

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