Craft a Happy Father’s Day Card for your Dad!

Father’s day is just around the corner in many countries around the world and while here in Australia we celebrate Father’s Day in September that doesn’t mean I have forgotten all the wonderful Dad’s out there in other parts of the world. I have designed a stylish Fathers Day Card SVG Cutting File for those of you who wish to create something special for the special Dad’s in your lives. This SVG card cutting file is perfect as is with some colourful cardstock and included file to create a coordinated insert but is also wonderful as a base to add your own embellishments.

You can pick up this wonderful card in my Silhouette Design Store, Design Bundles Store, Creative Market Store and on Etsy! Please see the images at the end of this post for full size previews. Unfortunately one of the bugs has meant the full size previews in the Silhouette Design Store are not yet available.

Many Silhouette crafters will be aware of some of the issues being experienced due to some major website updates not going as planned but the store is working albeit with the odd bug. Silhouette Studio syncing is not advised until the issues with the website communicating with the Silhouette software is resolved but any purchases made can be downloaded from the store directly until these issues are resolved. It is expected that these issues will be resoved soon at which point you should once again be able to sync your Silhouette library and have easy access to your files through the Silhouette Studio Software. If you are unsure of how to download your products direct from the store website rather than through the software I would recommend this video by Silhouette Secrets to aid you in this.

I have had a few customers mention they had trouble logging into the updated website. I also had similar issues but was able to resolve them from Chrome by clearing my cookies and cache. I have also had success accessing the store using both Edge and Opera Web Browser. Anyone I have spoken to who has had issues has been able to resolve them using these methods.

Now on to the previews of a wonderful SVG Cutting File Fathers Day Card for your special Dad!

Don’t forget to check them out on:

Make a Halloween Treat Bag

My series of Halloween Treat Bags (instructions also work for Easter Treat Bag) are super cute for Halloween parties or for handing out to Trick or Treaters and are available in Silhouette Design Store. This adorable treat bag fits on A4 or 8.5×11″ cardstock. The pieces for the bag itself and the decorations for the front whether they be the Ghost, the Bat or the Pumpkin are all contained in the file and should be cut in the colours of your choice.

Grab the cutting files for the Treat Bags Below:

Note: follow along with this tutorial for the Easter Treat Bag. Simply rather than assembling the decoration cut and glue acetate rectangle to the inside of the egg shaped window.

Below is an assembly tutorial video or scroll below the video to view the text instructions.

The decorations for the front feature 2-3 pieces depending on which bag you have. First assemble the decorations by adhering the backs to the front piece. In the case of the pumpkin there is also the stalk which gets adhered flush with the bottom part of the pumpkin directly on the treat bag.

Once your decoration is assembled, it is time to fold and adhere your treat bag. Start by folding the score lines which for the outside corners of the bag. You can also fold the score lines which allow you to fold the sides of the bag inwards. It folds more easily if you fold the same way as the other lines first and then fold in the opposite direction. I chose to not fold the diagonal lines but you may choose to fold those to make design more crisp. Once you have folded all score lines it is time to adhere the bag. I have found it easiest to place adhesive on the smaller bottom pieces and the side tab first.

Start by folding the first smaller bottom tab flush with the next larger bottom tab to make a crisp square corner. Repeat with the second smaller bottom tab to the same larger bottom tab. Next adhere the tab on the smaller side of the bag to the inside of the larger side of the bag keeping the edges flush with each other. Next fold the final larger tab onto the bottom to close the bag by pushing the adhesive of the tab to the bottom of the bag. If needed push down on the bottom with your hand inside the bag or other implement.

Now that the bag is fully assembled adhere the front decoration. I used foam squares to give a 3D look. With the pumpkin stalk I used adhesive to adhere it flush with the top of the pumpkin. Instead of using foam squares I used regular adhesive to allow the pumpkin to stand out a little further from the face of the bag than the stalk.

Use Ombre Watercolor For Your Creative Projects

It has been a while since I have designed backgrounds and since watercolor remains quite popular thought it was time I did some more watercolor backgrounds! So that brings me to my latest set of watercolor backgrounds, Ombre Watercolor. They are available as sets in my Design Bundles, Creative Market and Etsy Stores and individually as background patterns in my Silhouette Store. Make sure you check out my other watercolor designs while you are there! Links are as follows.

This Floral Wreath Happy Birthday Card Cutting File Is Sure to Please

This gorgeous Floral Wreath Happy Birthday Card is now one of my favourites. The circle of flowers and leaves on a vine are so pretty and I know I will use this SVG Cutting file over and over again for Birthdays as I am sure it will please. I think it will look fabulous with a subtle patterned insert as well. I find high contrast always looks best on photos but in person monochrome and patterns look great as well.

The Floral Wreath Happy Birthday Card is available in my stores below.

Need A Quick Handmade Birthday Card? Check out my latest design!

I really like the simplicity of this card. It is striking and can really pop with the right combination of cardstock papers. I chose monochromatic and plain with patterned papers in the samples below but I made one the other day in bright green and black and it turned out to be my favourite version so far even though I am not overly fond of the colour green. I must remember to make another to share a photo of. A bright colour on a black background always seems to look really striking.

If the insert is black you can overcome the issue with being able to see your writing by using a good quality white gel pen or a metalic pen of some sort. Not all gel pens will show up on black, so it is worth testing them first before buying if you are able. I chose the top chosen brand in this article and it has been a great pen choice. I orderd some silver and gold in the same brand as well but haven’t tried them out yet. Anyway! Back to the cards! Check them out in my stores below and scroll down to see the previews.

Grandma & Grandpa Will Love These Gorgeous Handmade Cards Just For Them

If anyone will appreciate the effort of you making them a handmade card it will be your Grandma and Grandpa! They may not know what an SVG cutting file is but they will certainly appreciate you took the time to make it yourself I am sure! Scroll down to see store links and previews of what these gorgeous cards look like finished.

The Happy Birthday Grandma cards are available at the store links below.

The Happy Birthday Grandpa Cards are available at the store links below.

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