I love this early photo of my grandparents. They look so happy in this photo and I know they must have had a difficult life considering my Oma suffered a lot from mental illness.

Journalling: Catharina van Weert (1913-1989) and Cornelius Bartholomeus Adrianus van de Ven (1913-2001) were my maternal grandparents who had 7 children. My Oma suffered from chronic depression and mental illness throughout her life and at various times was hospitalised.
My mother was as the eldest girl at age 14 left to take care of the household because my Oma was unable to do it, until she married my father and they migrated to Australia. My Opa drove trucks and later operated a steam press to support the family.

Created with my Vintage Spring Digital Scrapbook Kit

Vintage Spring Digital Scrapbook Kit


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