Case Of The Missing Print Roller And McGyver

Print And Cut Designs are one of my favourite things to design and also one of my favourite things to craft with. Most of the time I can reliably get a beautiful cut which is extremely even with my Silhouette Cameo 4. Recently however my cuts have been a little off. So last night I decided as a refresher to watch this video by Silhouette Secrets to remind myself of things to check for. I checked all the things she mentioned but the thing that jumped out at me was when she mentioned how some newer printers can print a bit incorrectly.

My printer isn’t new, but recently a paper feed roller did go missing and as a result it started making squeaking noises when the paper feeds. Hoping to just stop the noise since it still seemed to be feeding I just put a piece of tape over the holders for the roller which were scraping on the paper as it fed while printing. It worked, so I then promptly forgot about the issue. Then last night while trying to print my Dreaming Elements Print and Cut for a card I was going to make I got a misaligned cut that I have not had the entire time I have had my Cameo 4. Actually that is a lie, I had got slightly misaligned cuts last week but they weren’t bad enough that I was concerned. I just figured it was user error. But last nights cut was seriously misaligned and not usable.

Misaligned Print and Cut About to be Fixed!

As you can see most of these elements have no offset on the left side, some of the ones not shown were better which is what clued me into the fact it might be the printer that was the issue. The two border elements on the left were almost properly aligned, but the further right and towards the bottom the worse it got.

So then it occured to me it might be the printer roller that was the issue. I googled printer rollers for my printer in case replacements were available but I couldn’t find any that I thought were for the right spot. They all looked to be for different areas of the printer, and it was hard to tell either way. Not to mention the fact I was impatient to get my card done and didn’t want to wait for a spare part to arrive. So I thought…hmm, maybe I can make something that will fit.

So I found a safety pin to cut the end from to use as a spindle of sorts. The pin part of the safety pin fit in the holders for the roller. Then I needed something to act as the roller. I decided a hot glue gun stick would be something I could stick

the pin through and would have enough “grab” to roll with the paper as it went through the printer. So I put the pin through the middle of the glue stick. At first I tried loosely taping the pin in place but while it seemed like it moved ok I was still getting the occasional printer jam error which I think must be because it was grabbing the tape now and again. So I thought I need something to protect the pin from the tape. I still had some watercolor brush protectors that I thought were small enough to work, so I found one and cut it in half to put one on each side of the roller. It meant the pin could spin freely in the paint brush protector but would not fall out of the holder once taped down. So I fit the roller in place, taped down the paint brush protectors so they couldn’t move and it looked like it would work. Next thing to do was test it!

What do you know it worked!

  • 1 safety Pin
  • 1 Hot Glue Gun Stick
  • 1 Watercolor Brush Protector
  • 2 Pieces of Painters Tape

Thats all it took. And it works. Now it feeds, time to test the print! Did it print nice and straight so that the print and cut would work correctly?

Yup it worked perfectly! Now remember, this is clearly not the only possible reason a print and cut may not cut correctly, and I recommend you watch the video by Silhouette Secrets if you are having trouble because using her advice I get consistent results when I do print and cut on my Silhouette Cameo 4. But in my case, the proof is in the pudding. I got a perfect cut second time round!

Of course I have done myself a diservice because I was hoping to upgrade my printer to a White Canon A3 Printer as I would love to be able to print bigger and White would match my desk setup better. And now I can’t justify the expense. Silly, silly me! I should have said to my hubby that the printer is broken and now I need a new one! Ha! I did have fun pretending to be McGyver though!

I was making the card for another blog post, but clearly I need to share it here now! Below is the card I made using the elements from the Dreaming Elements Print and Cut File.

Perfect Print and Cut after printer hack fixed the printing issue.
Birthday Card using Dreaming Elements Grunge Background and Birthday Sentiment

Created using the technique in this SVG Clipping Mask tutorial and the designs listed below.

Craft Stunning Designs Using These Versatile Stencils And Card Bases!

Gelli Printing has been a craft I enjoy, and when I embarked on my journey with Gelli Printing, I eagerly explored using stencils to create captivating monoprint backgrounds. Many of the versatile designs I created are readily available in the Silhouette Design Store. These printable backgrounds serve a multitude of purposes, from card making and scrapbooking to art journaling and beyond. The best part? You can easily create your own backgrounds using the stencils I offer in the Silhouette Design Store.

As a designer, I need to ensure my designs don’t breach copyright so I can’t use purchased stencils. However, this obstacle presented an exciting opportunity. I decided to delve into the world of cutting acetate on my Silhouette Cameo. Acetate can be tough on blades, but I purchased a premium blade for longevity and began designing and cutting stencils so I could not only provide them for my customers, but the printable backgrounds as well. And here’s the bonus—these stencil designs also double as fantastic card bases and background elements for your creative projects.

As you can see, my stencils are very well loved! Read on to see the stencils and card bases/backgrounds that I have available. And they aren’t just restricted to cardmaking, you can use them for scrapbooking and mixed media as well!

Photo of Used Stencils by Clikchic Designs

Following are the stencils and card bases/backgrounds I have available in the Silhouette Design Store. Click on the images to go direct to the design in store. All the stencils are resizable to suit your needs. We’ll start with the square format designs.

And the rectangular shaped designs…click on the previews to go to the design in the Silhouette Design Store!

I just love how versatile these designs are. You can use them to stencil a pattern while Gelli Printing or doing Mixed Media and use that as a card base or scrapbook background and then cut one of these designs from cardstock to use as an accent on the card base or scrapbook background. I haven’t tried that yet but I definitely need to give it a go as I think it would look fabulous! I would love to see what you create with these designs. Tag me on instagram if you share your creations!

Make A Lovely Thank You Card with this SVG Cutting File Perfect To Have On Hand When You Need To Thank Someone!

The Floral Wreath Thank You Card Cutting File is perfect for expressing your appreciation. Create a beautiful handmade Floral Wreath Thank You Card using cardstock papers tailored to the recipient. This file includes an insert for contrast and space to write your message. It fits on 8.5×11″, A4, or 12×12″ cardstock and can be resized as needed. Remember to ungroup before cutting. Check out this stunning design available via the store links below.

Floral Wreath Thank You SVG Square Card with Insert Cutting File

If you enjoy making Jewellery you will love these!

Many crafters who make jewelry also want a stylish way to present their creations for gift-giving or market displays. It’s great to add a personal touch or showcase your brand by including a logo or text in a print-and-cut design. You’ll love these jewelry packaging SVG cutting files available in my Silhouette Design Store.

Click on the images below to go directly to the individual designs in the Silhouette Design Store.

First we have the simple rounded corner styled display cards.

Next we have jewellery display holders with elegantly shaped corners.

I think my favourite style is these designs with the scolloped top.

So many fabulous options for displaying jewellery! I just love the bougie feel this final set have.

Create stunning coordinated sets with these must have crafting goodies!

My main papercraft passion is cardmaking, especially for family and friends. My go-to files for handmade cards are my envelope cutting files. With a variety of common card sizes that can be easily adjusted, these files are perfect for coordinating your envelopes with your cards. They are indispensable for any cardmaking project and especially fabulous for wedding invitations!

My favourite card format to make is 5×5″ because I love a square card because it is a little different to standard and is still easy to post. But that also means a custom envelope because square envelopes aren’t easy to come by. For that I have this perfect set of Square Envelope Cutting files. They are available in aset of 7 different sizes in my Etsy, Design Bundles and Creative Market stores, but don’t worry, The Silhouette Design Store file is easy to resize. In the Silhouette Design store only .studio and SVG files are available.

I have a tutorial here on resizing DXF files in Silhouette studio but the tecnique applies for .studio and SVG files as well. These are the finished sizes of my square envelopes should you ever need a specific size. The sizes are the card size the envelope is required for.

Square Envelopes

5 Inch Envelope – 8.721 Inches
5.5 Inch Envelope – 9.529 Inches
5.25 Inch Envelope – 9.128 Inches
5.75 Inch Envelope – 9.976 Inches
6 Inch Envelope – 10.406 Inches
6.25 Inch Envelope – 10.793 Inches
6.5 Inch Envelope – 11.190 Inches

Square Envelope SVG Cutting File

These fabulously useful Square Envelope Cutting Files are available in the following stores.

Also available is this 5×7″ envelope. It can also be resized as required and is a super popular size! Check it out in the following stores.

5x7 SVG Envelope Cutting File
Slimline Envelope Size 10 SVG Cutting File

I really love slimline cards and invitations. They just look fabulously stylish don’t you thinK? Well now you can make a coordinating size 10 envelope! These envelopes can be resized if required. The size 10 slimline envelopes can be found in the following stores.

Another popular envelope size is the A6 and C6 envelope sizes. This set comes with both with the exception of the Silhouette Store where only the C6 Size is available. Check them out in the following stores.

A6 and C6 Envelope SVG Cutting Files
DL Envelopee SVG Cutting File

And finally for those of us used to international letterhead sizing rather than US sizing we also have a DL sized envelope perfect for A4 pages folded into perfect thirds or our version of a slimline envelope. The DL envelope is available in the following stores.

If there is an envelope size you need and I haven’t created it, I want to know! Drop me a message if there is a custom design you would like to see!

Create a wonderful card for your sweetheart!

Discover our two gorgeous SVG card cutting files, perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or simply saying “I love you”! Featuring adorable love birds and a special insert for your sentiments, these cards are both charming and easy to create with your cutting machine. Delight your loved ones with these quick to make and beautiful designs!

Check out these adorable cards in my stores below.

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