Grab This Birthday Card SVG Cutting File For The Adorable Little Stars In Your Life

This Stars Happy Birthday SVG Card Cutting File is super cute and perfect for the Birthday of those little Stars in your life. Use this gorgeous SVG cutting file to make a handmade card befitting of such adorable small humans! The Stars Happy Birthday SVG Card Cutting File is available in my stores below.

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If you haven’t already been to have a look, now is the time to check out my products in The Silhouette Design Store. I have been very busy adding as many products as i can the last couple of weeks and it is so exciting to be designing for the manufacturer of my cutting machine! Speaking of which, you don’t have to be a Silhouette Cutting Machine owner to use the products in The Silhouette Design Store. Cutting files are sold in .studio format but you can also choose to have the SVG file as well, which means you can use it with any cutting machine that uses SVGs. There are also patterns which are printable backgrounds which can be used to cut shapes from or just to print and use any way you choose. I am adding many of my digital papers to The Silhouette Design Store and you can buy them individually instead of sets. They are in the “patterns” category in The Silhouette Design Store.

There are also print and cut designs which only come in the .studio file format and you can print them and then use the print and cut feature on your Silhouette cutting machine to cut around them. It is a fabulous way to get scrapbooking, cardmaking elements and stickers too. I am sure there are many uses I haven’t thought of yet! Oh yes, you can make tatoos with them! Silhouette sell temporary tattoo paper so you can use it to make temporary tatoos. How fun!

There is so much fun stuff to check out in the Silhouette Design Store! So make sure you check it out. I will continue to add as many products as I can so stay tuned for more designs over time.

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Make Great Cake on a Card with this Quirky Birthday SVG

Some quirky cake is the order of the day with this whimsical Cake Birthday Card SVG Cutting file set. The best thing about these Birthday Card SVG Cutting Files is that it will suit literally anyone. Use pretty pinks for lovers of pink or little girls, use bright colours for young kids (male or female), use pastels for Grandma or your introverted best friend. Use bold tones for your partner, brother or uncle. This card is so cute and versatile you can choose colours to make it suit anyone. I really love how well it works with bold and bright colours and if I had enough different colours of pink cardstock you can bet I would have made a pink one as well as I really do love pink! (can you tell?) Note to self: stock up on more pink coloured cardstock.

This Cake Birthday Card SVG Cutting File set comes with cut files to cut individual sections for the cake layers or if you prefer something quicker and easier you can make just the two colour card with a pretty insert colour. Also included is an extra assembly instruction tutorial. You can pick up this gorgeous Birthday Card SVG Cutting File set from my stores listed below.

Filigree Floral Is The Jam For Your Card Making Stash

Filigree Floral is a long time favourite style of mine and this gorgeous Filigree Floral Happy Birthday Card SVG cutting file set will be a favourite card you come back to again and again for wishing your bestie or other filigree floral loving people in your life a Happy Birthday. Add a bit of glamour to these gorgeous cards by adding some diamonties for some bling. I have found the best way to affix these delicate looking designs to the insert is using spray adhesive to the inside of the filigree design and carefully fixing the insert to the front once glue is sprayed on. Use different cardstocks for different looks and styles. The card cutting files come in SVG, DXF, EPS & PNG formats for use with most cutting machines including Silhouette and Cricut. Pick up this adorable Filigree Floral Happy Birthday Card cutting file set in my stores listed below.

Exciting News! Get My Designs At The Silhouette Design Store!

I know I find it handy to grab my cutting files directly from the Silhouette Studio software. Well now Silhouette cutting machine owners will be able to get my designs directly from the Silhouette Studio Software. Not a Silhouette user? That is ok too, you can buy my designs from the website and get the SVG by selecting the SVG option!

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Love Is In The Air With This Adorable Heart Card

This card cutting file is one of my favourites. I have titled it a Valentines Day card but it doesn’t have to just be for Valentines Day. You can use this card for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, romancing or just to show someone how much you care about them. This is a must have set of cutting files to keep in your stash. This card also cuts like a dream and is so quick and easy to make and as a bonus you get all those adorable heart die cuts to add to your collection. They are great to stuff into the card, pop into lunch boxes or make other cards with. The card set comes in SVG, DXF, EPS & PNG formats to suit most cutting machines includiing Silhouette and Cricut. Grab the adorable Valentines Heart Card SVG cutting file set from my stores listed below.

How to Assemble the Cake Birthday Card Cutting Files

Cake Birthday Card Tutorial

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet my Cake Birthday Card SVG Cutting File it is now available in my stores listed below.

There is a basic assembly tutorial which works for all my cards to date available here. With his card I wanted to include the option of having different colours for each layer of cake so if you wish to use that option some extra steps are involved.

The included cutting parts for cake background pieces is optional to use to add extra colour to your card. Check out one of the links above to see the difference between a card with and without those pieces. If you wish to make a card more quickly you might choose to just use a patterned or brightly coloured paper insert. Making different cardstock colours when you have the time however gives the card a bit of pop, so I have included the cutting files to do so.

Pieces are designed to sit flush against each other inside the front of the card. Place pieces in position and check they are covering cake and swag accents correctly. The top of the top piece sits parallel with the top of the card and each piece sits flush under the other.

Tip: Mark corners of pieces while holding in place to ensure correct placement after glue is applied.

Once you have marked the corners (unless you prefer you prefer to wing it then skip the corner marking) spray the left side of the card with adhesive. If you prefer another method of gluing that is of course your choice. I used a glue stick for a while till I got the spray adhesive, but I find the spray adhesive gives better hold on the delicate pieces. I usually cover the other side with scrap paper before spraying to ensure the other side does not get sprayed.

Attach the cake pieces in the correct positions. Then once pieces are attached add more adhesive on back of cake pieces.

Attach the insert to the adhesive covered side of the card to complete your card.

I also have envelopes available which allow you to cut envelopes with custom coordinating cardstock to suit a large range of sizes.

Envelopes in my Etsy store, Creative Market store, Design Bundles Store and Hungry Jpeg store.

Good luck with your card making! I hope you enjoy my designs.

©Clikchic Designs 2021. All rights reserved.

How To Assemble Square Envelope Cutting Files by Clikchic Designs

You can pick up the Square Envelope Cutting Files from my following stores:

Instructions are for the Square Envelope Cutting File set are for files suitable different cutting machine types including SVG, DXF, EPS, Studio & PNG formats. Scroll to the bottom for an assembly video or continue reading for the written tutorial.

Open the appropriate file for your cutting machine software in the size to suit the card it is for. Each envelope is sized slightly larger to make sure it fits the card the envelope is chosen for. For example, the 5-inch envelope is slightly larger than 5 inches when assembled so that it will fit a 5 inch card inside it.

The dotted lines are designed to be score lines where you make the folds to assemble your envelope. The outer lines the cut lines to cut the shape of the envelope. Cut the file according to your machine’s software and paper settings. Make sure the score lines are set to score in your cutting machine software.

Cut the envelope as required in your cutting machine software. The top right flap is the top flap of the envelope. You will notice the edges at the top of the left and right flaps of the envelope have a straight side rather than curved angles. I like to fold the first three flaps and then open the second and third flap again so that I can apply some adhesive tape (or other adhesive) to the rounded outer corner of the left flap. Then I fold down the second flap so that it adheres to the first flap.

On the third or bottom flap I apply adhesive tape to the three outer edges. Once applied I fold the third flap down onto the first two. You should now have an open envelope. Fold down the top flap to close it. I usually apply a small amount of adhesive to the top angled corner of the open envelope to seal it once my card is inside. Alternatively, you could use a sticker or envelope seal.

If you are having any issues with your software, I will do my best to troubleshoot with you. I use Silhouette Studio for my cutting files, but I also have the Cricut Software to test my files in and am therefore somewhat familiar with the software. Please do get in touch before leaving a negative review where you purchased. I am more than happy to help you out and would much prefer a happy customer than one who is unsatisfied with their purchase.

I also have A6 & C6 envelopes available which you might like for your cards of that size. I also plan on adding more sizes to my stores in the future so be sure to check if you wish to obtain more. Please do let me know if there is a particular size you are looking for and I can make that size a priority when planning upcoming designs.

A6 & C6 Envelopes are available in my Etsy store, Creative Market store, Design Bundles Store and Hungry Jpeg store. C6 Envelopes are also available in my Silhouette Store.

Also available in my Silhouette Store are my 5×7 Envelopes, DL Envelopes and Size 10 Envelopes. Still to come in my other stores.

Good luck with your card making! I hope you enjoy my designs.

© Clikchic Designs 2021. All rights reserved.